About Olde Orchard Antique Mall

A look at our history

The Hansen Beginning

The dream of opening an Antique Mall for Nancy and Floyd Hansen of Appleton became a reality in 1988. The mall is situated on the old Anschutz orchard, one mile south of Egg Harbor and displays antique, vintage and collectible merchandise from vendors throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

In 1988, the 5000 sq.ft. building with 30 vendors grew to its present size of  19,000 sq.ft. with over 90 vendors. The entire Floyd Hansen family was involved. Floyd was an electrical engineer in Appleton and commuted on the weekends to work at the mall. Nancy managed the mall. Robin, their daughter, was the assistant and accounting manager. The grandkids were also involved.

In 2004, Floyd Hansen passed away and after much consideration, Nancy sold the mall to Bob Buksyk in 2006.

Nancy, Robin, and daughter-in-law Colleen still have vendor spaces. Nancy said, “After 18 years, it was a difficult decision to pass ownership of the Olde Orchard Antique Mall. I feel that it was fate and great timing that Bob came along when he did. He has made wonderful improvements to the business, yet has been able to continue in the tradition of the Hansen family. This is a heartfelt nod to my late husband, Floyd Hansen, whose brainchild this was so many years ago. I’m pleased that Bob has continued to grow and thrive in this business – he has worked hard for it.”

The Tradition continues with Bob Buksyk

After 20 years, I left the corporate world. I am originally from Menasha and have owned the mall since 2006. Following many years of family vacations, my love grew for the area and antiques. I now enjoy living and working in Egg Harbor.

Our antique business is all about Go Green with Antiques. Re-Cycle, Re-Use and Re-Purpose. Did you know Antiquers were “into” recycling before the term “go green” came into common use?

The prices of antiques, vintage and collectibles are stable and slowly rising. The buying of antiques is also becoming stronger. Although antiques are back in fashion, people are buying them for different reasons. We still have our collectors, but people are leaning more towards antique/vintage decorating. The HGTV network along with other TV programs aide consumers to give their room designs that unique look.

Olde Orchard Antique Mall is unique from other malls. When the mall closes at the end of October, all the vendors have 15 days to pack up their merchandise or rent winter storage. The following April, the entire mall is cleaned from top to bottom. The vendors move back into the mall after April 15. This allows the vendors an opportunity to change the look of their booth or showcase. They have many repeat customers that notice the changes from season to season.

The customers appreciate the cleanliness of the mall and newly stocked merchandise. The vendors’ spaces are destination shops within our mall for many Door County shoppers.

For the antique and vintage enthusiasts or for some inspiration for “going green,” the Olde Orchard Antique Mall has something for every collector and every taste. It truly is a “mall”!

The Olde Orchard motto is: “Think green and buy Antiques – Antique Vendors are the original recyclers”.

The Olde Orchard Antique Mall is open from May 1 through October 31.
Open Daily: 9:00am to 5:00pm and Sunday 10:00am to 5:00pm.