Take a Tour of the Inside of Olde Orchard Antique Mall..

We’re proud of the way our space is taking shape in 2017! We have the best vendors in the area and it’s always a thrill to see what’s new (or old!) at the start of the season..

Above is a quick tour of how our space looked mid-way through the 2016 season, I’ll stop back and post updates as soon as we have the 2017 layouts finalized.

Have a great summer and we hope you’ll spend at least a small part of it with us in beautiful Door County WI.



  1. This mall has something for everyone! You won’t want to miss it if you are traveling to Door County. The numerous variety of items are creatively displayed. I always enjoy walking through the mall and never leave without making a purchase.

  2. Can’t wait till May 1st., when Olde Orchard Antique Mall opens for the season. Everything is always so neat and clean.

    This is the only Mall I know where all the dealers move everything out in the fall, so come spring there are always lots of new treasures and bargins to search for. Nice variety of merchandise.

  3. This as an awesome antique mall! You can walk through it many times and always see something new. It is definitely a walk back in time!


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